Pretty Things \ Miri & Maze


    Maze hears when Miri gets home but waits a little while before going to greet her. She wasn’t sure Miri would like the scarf she had brought back from Louisiana. It was pretty to her; with intricate gold thread on a rich purple cashmere. But Miri had a superior taste to well…everyone. She traces the patterns on the scarf for nearly an hour before gathering the courage to gift it to her friend.

    The young vampire didn’t hesitate to come inside Miri’s apartment; she was told she was always welcome. It always smelled pretty too unlike Arthur’s floor that smelled like cat. She hated those cats. When she sees her friend, she stops walking and gives her a shy smile. In her hands is the scarf, folded up.


     “Oh Maze! You’ve come back! I am so happy. You really mustn’t stay away so long next time, I am completely lost without you around. It is just so boring with out you my favorite girl,” Miri gives Maze smile and quickly wraps up her up in a strong hug. She strokes Maze’s hair a little before she lets her go and holds her out at arms length. “Now let me take a look at you and see if I can spot any changes about you? I don’t see anything but is that cat I smell on you? Oh dear, did you go see Arthur?” Miri shook her head as she looked over Maze. Truthfully Miri did not mind the cats that Arthur always seemed to bring in. The reminded her of home sometimes, but she knew how much Maze hated the cats.

     “Come now,” Miri gestured over to the plush couch that was in her living room. It was a beautiful cream color fabric that hand an intricate pattern of swirls done in a complementing gold thread. The pillows were stuffed with down feathers making the couch even more appealing to sit in. “Of course you must spend the night in my guest room. You know I have all of your favorite snacks ready for you and your favorite toiletries in the guest bathroom. I’ve set everything up exactly like your old room and it is even facing east so you can see the night sky.”


Pretty Things \ Miri & Maze


                     Miri held the dress up and looked in the mirror. It was one of twenty she had brought home with her along with some of matching accessories. Humans were annoying and had very little use other than being food. However, they did make very pretty things and it was always so easy to get them to give her what she wanted, she just killed them. The dress was a lovely purple color and made out of silky material with a lace overlay. It was going to look perfect on her.

                    She turned her head when she heard someone coming. Miri sniffed the air and recognized the scent. It was Maze, the only other vampire she actually liked besides, Arthur, in this little group of misfits that she was currently living with. Victoria and Ollie both bored her to tears most of the time. Maze entertained her and she liked taking care of the girl. Miri moved over to the bags and pulled out a dress that she thought would look good on Maze and held it out in front of her while she waited for the girl to come into her suite.

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     His affinity for cats caused him to bring strays home every now and then. They didn’t always stick around, most of the time they were there for a day before wandering off to live their lives, only coming back if they needed food or shelter. Arthur knew it was selfish to keep them, he never asked the others if it was okay but he loved the cats. Today was no different.

    This time it was a grey tabby cat he found sulking around the bakery. Arthur knelt down and coaxed the cat into his arms with a small piece of meat pie, “You’re just a hungry little fella, I’ve got food for you little cat.” When he arrived at the house, he was all smiles when he called out “I found a new one! He looks like a Murphy!”


     Miri looked up from the fashion magazine she had been flipping through. Before Arthur came in she was trying decide between getting a jade ring with a platinum setting or with white gold. Turquoise was suppose to be the in color this year but jade would look much better with her skin tone and with the dress that she had seen a few pages back.

     “You better not let Maze catch you with that.” Miri liked cats and Arthur knew it. “Really another M name? We need to get you further along in the alphabet Arty. Did you check to see if this one has fleas? We don’t want another infestation.”

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